Vinyl vs Wood Windows

If you are installing windows or replacing windows you have different choice and you can get the windows of your own choice. These windows have their advantages and disadvantages so you need to know about them before making any decision so you can go for the best material.

wood vs vinyl windows

Here you will be given a comparison between vinyl and wooden windows as both are good in their own ways.

Wood no doubt is a good material and is being used in construction for years but it will cost you more – But vinyl will cost much less as it is an inexpensive material.

You can save money by installing vinyl windows and spend it in other project. So vinyl is good option for people with limited budget.


Vinyl material is durable and lasts longer if it is maintained properly of course and wood can be rotten, deformed because of weather – it cannot resist water infiltration and need constant replacement.

Vinyl can resist all water and lasts for longer period.

The Looks

vinyl wood windows

Talking about the look, wood windows no doubt look very beautiful – carved wooden frames give a special and classy look to the window – plane wooden frames add a neat and stylish look to the house.

Mostly people find wooden windows more beautiful than the vinyl windows, but still you can get beautiful designs in vinyl windows as well.

Color and variety is another aspect to consider – you may find many colors in vinyl windows but they are available in limited colors and you cannot get them painted as vinyl windows doesn’t hold paint. While you can paint wooden window easily in any desired color of your choice.


Maintenance is of course is important for anything and so is for windows. Vinyl windows are very easy to maintain.

For instance, vinyl can be cleaned even by dish wash detergent and a soft sponge. If there are any stains you can use a mild spirit before cleaning. But wooden windows need extra care.

Wooden windows cannot be cleaned with water and detergent as wood can get rotten if you use water – wooden windows should be cleaned with specified cleaners.

Energy Efficiency

Wood is energy saver as it is a natural insulator – it is excellent at inhibiting the transmission of heat and cold from the outside.

Vinyl is environment friendly as it helps to save wood and keep environment green and better.

Before selecting which windows to buy, you can consider these points. If you want affordable, easy to maintain and environment friendly material, you can go for vinyl and if classy look is what you consider priority then wooden window is what you need.